Here is a sneak peek at our new state of the art facility. Contact Us

Here is a sneak peek at our new state of the art facility. Contact Us

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    We Want Your Trade-in Vehicle

    When you are in the process of purchasing a new vehicle, there are a number of ways that you can save some additional money on the final purchase price. Trading in your current vehicle is one of the most efficient popular methods.

    If you have a vehicle that is getting older, or you won't need it anymore, you can trade it at our dealership. The money that you are given for the trade-in will offset the cost of your new vehicle.

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    How Trade-In Evaluation Works

    When we evaluate your vehicle, we take a variety of factors into account. The age of your car, the vehicle's mileage, the features that your vehicle has to offer, and the vehicle's overall condition all play significant roles during the evaluation process. Additionally, your car's area is also crucial because it lets us know what kind of conditions the vehicle has been subject to. We aim to add cars that are in excellent condition to our inventory. Once we evaluate your vehicle, we will let you know how much we believe that the vehicle is worth.

    Your Vehicle's Worth

    Your car may be worth more than you expect, but the only way that you can be completely confident is by bringing it in for a valuation at Village Chrysler. Our team of vehicle appraisers will do an in-depth assessment of your vehicle's condition and the features that it has to offer. Once our appraisers have assessed your vehicle, we provided you with an accurate valuation for your car. You may be surprised at how much your vehicle is worth to us and how much we will be willing to offer to you for the vehicle.

    Used Vehicles For Sale

    Here at Village Chrysler, in Ajax, Ontario, you will find a selection of used cars and used trucks available. We can assist you with finding the right used car and used truck for your daily needs. Here at Village Chrysler, our friendly team members can provide you with all of the information you will need to make a well-informed purchasing decision.

    Is Trading in Your Car Worth It?

    If you're wondering if it's worthwhile trying to sell your car privately or trade it in at a dealership, the answer is that it truly depends on what you want.

    The trade-in process of your vehicle with our dealership is streamlined and made very easy. Rather than trying to sell your vehicle to someone privately, all you have to do is walk in the doors of Village Chrysler. Many customers consider the tax savings to be more beneficial than the trouble of selling the vehicle privately.

    You can trust and be confident that we're going to give you the best trade-in car value. We use specific criteria for determining what your vehicle is worth. This evaluation will include inspecting the overall quality and condition of your vehicle, both inside and out. We'll look at your engine, transmission, safety features, interior materials, tire quality and condition, and more.

    Reducing the amount of money that you're financing will save you a lot in the long run. You will pay less in interest, and you can reap the benefits of eligible tax advantages.

    Trade-in Car Value

    You can contact us at 877-333-4921, or you're always welcome to come in person whenever you're in the market for a new ride and would like to know more about trading in your vehicle at our dealership. We're located at 201 Bayly Street West Ajax, ON L1S3K3 and are happy to include you in the assessment of your vehicle, so you know what amount you're being offered and why.

    We'll also help you use this amount to determine what your monthly payment would be if you are investing in another vehicle that is for sale at our dealership.

    Contact Us

    Contact us at Village Chrysler in Ajax, Ontario, to look for a dependable used vehicle. We offer a wide range of vehicles, from car models to truck models, and will help you find what you need among our exceptional inventory. If you have any additional questions about our inventory or the trade-in valuation process, please reach out to us to answer those questions for you. We hope to see you soon at Village Chrysler.