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Have you got Your Car Winter Ready?

Have you got Your Car Winter Ready?

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If you want to stay safe while traveling in your vehicle during the winter season, it's crucial to perform maintenance and a thorough inspection. You'll also need to top off the fluids to keep the engine running smoothly and prevent excess wear on the parts. There are a few main tips to follow for getting your car ready for winter.

The first step to getting winter-ready is to perform an oil change to ensure the engine parts are appropriately lubricated. Check the dipstick to ensure there's enough oil and top it off if the level is low. You'll also need to top off the coolant, antifreeze, and lube the door locks to prevent corrosion from forming.

When you are checking the battery, it is also essential to reduce the risk of it dying when driving around, leaving you stranded. Older batteries can die quicker in low temperatures, making it necessary to inspect them at least once each month.

Frequently Asked Questions

When to change winter tires?

Install the new snow tires once the temperatures drop below 45 degrees. You can remove the tires when the temperatures increase again because they won't have the same summer effects. The flexible rubber can wear down quicker in warmer climates, making it necessary to switch back to your standard tires in the spring.

Are all-season tires right for winter?

All-season tires also work well for the winter because the supple rubber performs well in the cold temperatures and doesn't get stiff, which prevents them from cracking or becoming brittle. The deep tread of the all-season tires also allows them to have more snow and sludge traction.

How much are winter tires?

The tires range from $150 to $190 per tire if you choose a reputable brand in the industry. The cost also depends on where you decide to purchase the tires. Most locations will include free installation with the tire purchase.

How long do tires for winter last?

Snow tires last an average of four to five seasons, which can allow you to continue to use them for many years to come without having to replace them. You can check the tread and grip by putting a penny inside down in the tire. If Abraham Lincoln's head is visible, then it's time to replace the tires to have proper traction on the road.

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