When Should You Put On Winter Tires & Take Them Off

When Should You Put On Winter Tires & Take Them Off in Ajax, ON

At Village Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, we provide our customers in Ajax, Ontario, with numerous automotive services that range from new vehicle sales to maintenance and repairs. Keeping your vehicle operating at its best through proper maintenance is the best way to keep it safe and functional. *You will want to have winter tires to avoid mishaps while driving on ice and slush during the winter months.

When To Use Winter Tires

Winter tires perform at their best during temperatures under seven Celsius, so keep an eye out on the weather forecast, and once temperatures start to drop below seven degrees consistently, you will want to have your winter tires on. It's important to remove your winter tires once winter is over since temperatures above seven degrees Celsius can make your winter tires too soft for the road, causing excessive wear.

Benefits Of Winter Tires During Winter

There are many benefits to having winter tires installed on your vehicle during winter, with the most significant benefit being safety. Due to the unique formulation of the rubber compound used to make winter tires, they provide optimal traction in climates under seven degrees Celsius, keeping the rubber flexible to provide maximum handling and control. Also, winter tires' tread design is engineered to dissipate water, slush, and snow to avoid loss of traction due to slippery conditions. As for the lifespan of tires, using two sets of tires is a great way to prevent prematurely wearing out tires due to inappropriate use.

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