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    Village Chrysler Parts Department in Ajax, ON

    Village Chrysler is a leading dealership in Ajax, Ontario, that has all your automotive needs under one roof. Our Parts Department offers high-quality parts and components that you can rely on. We feature Mopar parts and genuine OEM parts that are specifically designed to be a perfect match for your vehicle. If you're looking for a specific part, our staff will gladly secure it for you. Here's what you can expect when you visit our Parts Department.

    Genuine Mopar Parts for Sale in Ajax, Ontario

    If you're wondering, "Is there an auto parts store near me?" you'll be glad to know that we are conveniently located in Ajax, Ontario, and we carry genuine Mopar parts, including accessories, replacement parts, and major components. We also offer regular parts specials that make it affordable to secure one of our genuine parts.

    Oil & Filters

    We stock the latest oil and filters for your Jeep, Chrysler, and Dodge. At our dealership, you can find the parts that fit your car perfectly. We also help our customers find the right fixtures to end constant car problems. Our oil and filter parts are durable and efficient. Get filter parts like the gasket and housing and replace your old filter with a high-quality filter to keep your engine functioning properly for a long time.

    Coolants & Cleaners

    Hot weather spells doom for engines, and the last thing you want is for your car to overheat. Coolants prevent overheating of your engine. After some time, you need to replace the coolant or flush out the radiator. We have coolant parts like hoses to keep your vehicle running optimally. Get a coolant cleaner that can handle the job efficiently from our Parts Department.

    Batteries & Belts

    Don't wait until your car refuses to start or for there to be a major issue with your battery. Constant battery trouble is enough of an indicator that you may need a replacement part. We stock genuine batteries and belts that are durable and efficient. Get an affordable and durable belt that's right for your car and engine type.


    If you have an issue with your brakes, have the problem fixed right away for your own safety. Issues with brake fluid and brake pads are urgent and require quick intervention. Original Mopar brake pads keep your braking system efficient and durable. If your indicator lights show that your brake pads need a change, use our genuine Mopar parts for replacement.

    Tires & Windshield

    Buying the right tires can give you endless safe rides. Proper tire care creates balance in the steering and suspension system. Get original high-quality tires for the vehicle you drive from our Parts Department. You'll also find it easy to replace your windshield. Chips and cracks on your windshield signal that you need to reinstall a new one. Our expert technicians will help you replace the windshield and find the one that correctly matches your car model. As a certified Jeep dealership, parts like tires and windshields are some of the most essential for a high-performing Jeep. We'll ensure you get the all-terrain tires your Jeep needs and a windshield that can keep up with all your adventures.

    Village Chrysler Trusted Auto Parts Centre in Ajax

    Order genuine Mopar parts today and upgrade your ride. We have more vehicle parts like alternators, headlights, radiators, and smart plugs. Speak to our Village Chrysler trusted auto Parts Department in Ajax for more information about the parts and components we provide. To get the latest Mopar parts for your car, contact us today.